Nabhan (Neb) Mekani

Neb Mekani grew up in the metropolitan Detroit area and attended the University of Michigan, where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree. He then earned his law degree from Wayne State University Law School in 1995. Shorty thereafter, he left his job with the firm of Fieger, Fieger & Schwartz to start his own law practice. Neb was the senior partner of the firm Mekani, Orow & Mekani, located in West Bloomfield, Michigan until 2006, at which time his firm merged with Joe Shallal and John Hindo, creating Mekani, Orow, Mekani, Shallal and Hindo, P.C. In addition to practicing law, Neb also has a vast business background and owns several businesses and numerous real estate holdings. Many clients have been helped not only from Neb’s legal expertise but also from his business background. He also volunteers many hours to charities and nonprofit organizations.