Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you have found it difficult or impossible to meet your monthly obligations, whether as the result of an accident or illness, a divorce or the loss of a job or reduction in income, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing may be what you need to get control of your finances. If you qualify for protection under Chapter 7, you will be able to discharge many of your obligations, including medical bills, personal loans, credit card bills and other unsecured debt. In addition, you can stop creditor harassment, as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing prohibits your creditors from calling you, sending you letters or taking any other legal action against you. Our firm will help you with a personal bankruptcy filing, and will carefully review your financial situation, looking at how much you owe and what your potential earning capacity is, so that we can establish whether you pass the means test to file under Chapter 7. If so, we will prepare all the documents required throughout the process, and will be your advocate in meetings or hearings with creditors and the court. We will also help you find the credit counseling required under the new bankruptcy law.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding can be a good way to stop foreclosure proceedings, whether you are simply behind on your mortgage or are already facing a sheriff's sale. Often, it can buy you the time you need to refinance or refinance arrearages so that you can receive a financial fresh start. Our firm will handle all matters related to your Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, preparing and submitting all documents required during the process, and acting as your attorney in meetings or hearings with creditors, the trustee or the court. We will help you put together a reorganization plan to submit to the court.