Michigan Liquor Violation Hearings

An establishment that wishes to sell alcohol to the public must obtain a license from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to do so. There are many different laws, and regulations governing what criteria the establishment must meet in order to be eligible for one of these liquor licenses. Having a legal advisor that is knowledgeable about these laws, and regulations can make obtaining your license to sell, or serve, alcoholic beverages easier to obtain.

If you are charged with a violation of one of the liquor codes, you could be penalized and or possibly have your license suspended or revoked. You need an attorney to help you to understand the regulations of the MLCC, and to help you respond to any allegations of improper conduct on your part, or on the part of someone that is in your employ at the time.

The regulations of the Michigan Liquor Control Code are strictly enforced and are sometimes difficult to understand. Our firm represents many licensees in the state of Michigan. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in liquor code violation cases over the years ---- and we will vigorously defend your liquor license in the event that you are charged with a violation.

Our firm has experience in all types of liquor license violation cases, including:

  • The sale of alcohol to minors, or the consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors in an establishment
  • The sale of alcohol by minors
  • The unauthorized transfer of a liquor license
  • Open containers, or consumption of alcohol on prohibited premises
  • The after-hours sale of alcohol; and all other liquor code violations
  • The presence of minors in an establishment that sells, or serves alcohol, without an adult

Each case is individual and a unique approach must be taken to make certain that your rights are protected, and that the charges are addresses as quickly as possible. No licensed vendor wants a liquor violation hanging over their head, and no vendor wants to admit guilt in a liquor violation for the sole purpose of making the charges disappear quickly.

Our legal representatives will look at all aspects of the charges you are facing, and they will keep you advised of all of your options. If a negation is in your best interest, and is something that you feel comfortable with, then our staff will be able to handle those negotiations with the district attorney for you. If you would prefer to pursue the charges in a formal hearing in a court room, then our staff is ready to do so. All decisions concerning how to handle the charges will be made by you in collaboration with your legal advisor.

We have experience in liquor violations cases that we have gained from handling actual cases. We have helped clients file appeals over decisions, defend their licenses after false accusations and negotiate agreements with the Michigan Assistant Attorney Generals, and with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

We are capable of helping our clients to obtain their license to sell, or serve, alcohol in the state. We have represented many clients who had their application for a liquor license denied by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, and in many of those cases we were successful in getting the MLCC to reverse their decisions and grant a liquor license to our client.

You have likely heard the statement, “it is not what you know, but who you know that matters”. In the case of liquor licensing and liquor license violations who you know is irrelevant, but what you know is crucial. You need attorneys that know the liquor license code, know all of the amendments to the code, and know how to approach the Michigan Liquor Control Commission about all aspects of the code.