Michigan Real Estate Attorneys

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Whenever you are going to buy or sell property, you must have legal documents drawn up. Our team of professionals can help you get the right paperwork and finalize the deal for you.


Commercial Title Searches and Insurance

The titles for commercial properties are not always as easy to find as the ones for residential properties due to deeds being placed in corporate names, and things like that. Our experts will help you to find the legitimate owner's name before you agree to sign any paperwork.

Insuring commercial property is crucial for protection, and is often required by the lease holder if there is a lien against the property or if the property is being rented. The insurance companies will need details about what the property is zoned for, what it will be used for, and another relevant information that your real estate lawyer can help you provide them.

Sales and Acquisitions of Property

In order for our clients to get the right price for their properties when they are selling, or for our clients to get the best price when they are buying, we have built an experienced team of lawyers to handle these concerns.

When you are ready to put your property on the market, you will need a law firm that is ready to negotiate with potential buyers to get you the fairest price for your holdings. The paperwork that goes along with selling property can be tedious to fill out, and one simple mistake can cost you the sale altogether. Our experienced real estate team will help you to fill out all papers concerning the sale of your property, and they will negotiate with the other party's legal representative to make sure that you receive the best price.

When you are ready to purchase property, you have to have a legal team that is ready to search for titles and surveys of the property.

1031 Exchanges

The 1031 exchange is a powerful tool that can allow an investor to sell a property for the purposes of acquiring a new property and not have to pay the capital gain taxes at the time of the sale. If a person were to sell a property valued at $200,000 after they paid their capital gains taxes they might only have $130,000 to invest in a new property. The IRC Section 1031 allows the investor to defer paying their capital gains taxes so that they are able to invest the entire $200,000 in a new acquisition.


When it comes to financing commercial or residential properties, you are best served if you have hired legal counsel to help you negotiate the contracts.

Property Development Planning

Property development and planning cannot be done without knowing the zoning laws of the area. Our experienced legal team of experts will help you determine what zoning laws apply to the property you are looking at, and what paperwork you need to fill out to get the proper permits for development on the property.

Property Management

If you have property to rent, then we have a team of experts that can manage your property so that you are free from the day to day hassles. Having property to rent is a great investment and can make you some serious money, but the rental property also comes with a lot of paperwork and time that you must invest in finding a tenant, doing background checks on the tenant, filling out lease agreements, collecting monthly rents and keeping accurate records for the IRS.